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Ads Overview

As you all know that preparing and practicing for your upcoming exams on Zed.NG is absolutely free. But how did we generate funds to keep Zed.NG platform going as well as paying our staff at the end of each month? Well the answer is simple and straight forward. We generate our funds through advertisements.

Advertise On Zed.NG

To advertise on our website, you will need to specify the type of advertising plan you intend placing on our platform by filling the Ads Placement Form and the details of how to go about it will be send to you. Here are our benefits:

  • Increase customer visits
  • Build brand awareness
  • Earn more conversions
  • Maximize ROI

Note that we do not place ads for sport betting, lottery, ponzi scheme, porn /or dating site and related fields. For more info or enquiries you can mail us at or simply call us on 09030904484.

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